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Nature’s Resilience — Illuminating the Cycles + Processes that Clothe Us:

                                  Image by Paige Green

                                  Image by Paige Green

Fibershed’s 2017 Wool Symposium panels and presentations will focus on how current textile systems are impacting our health, water, carbon and genetic life and how the replication of decentralized, regional, transparent, and regeneratively produced Fibershed soil-to-skin value chains are a direct alternative to existing industrial models and the havoc these systems have imparted on our personal and global ecology.

Join us as we discuss the scale of problems and solutions, and together create both an intellectual and hands-on road map for how we can build our Fibershed, as a community. Presentations include:

  • Ocean Health -- the enormous yet microscopic microplastic pollution problem
  • Bast fibers and blends: Solutions to Pollution
  • Framework for a Just Transition: Daylighting Genetic Editing & Modification within the fiber system
  • Classical Plant Breeding
  • Biological Tracking of Synthetic Compounds in Consumer Products
  • Enhancing & Enriching our Soil-to-Soil System -- compost explorations & applications
  • The High Cost of Effluent -- the documentary RiverBlue
  • Internalizing the True Cost

The Symposium will host a marketplace of farmers, ranchers and designers from within our 150-mile region who will be offering place-based goods and raw materials for textile creation. There will also be demonstrations on sheep shearing, wool grading, hoof trimming, angora rabbit shearing, natural dyeing, weaving, and spinning. Marketplace and demos are free to the public.


For complete schedule and list of Marketplace vendors, visit website.

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