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Join us for a weekend of slow textile workshops focusing on slow fashion, natural dyes, hand stitching, and mending. The slow fashion movement is garnering international participants as we collectively work towards a more ecological and ethical fashion future. Textile artists play a key part in the solution of ethical fashion as they experiment with various tools and techniques that support a connection with the earth through creative practices. Through this workshop fellow teachers, artists and friends—Sasha and Katrina—have created this unique slow textile retreat as an opportunity to share their textile arts practices, delve deeper into the conversation around slow living and slow textiles, foster like-minded community, and retreat into the workshop atmosphere at the beautiful, rural farm location of Three Pines Farm.

Over the weekend: Participants will learn techniques for foraging, harvesting, and creating natural dyes on various animal and plant fibers such as cotton, linen, silk, and wool; learn several mending and slow stitching techniques including Sashiko stitching that results in practical repairs for fixing garments while also adding meaning and Mendfulness; work together in this slow textile community to discuss slow living, integrating our creative work and our ethical values, and the power of connection to plants and slow textiles; meals will be lovingly prepared and offered onsite while workshops are in progress. 

Students will leave the weekend workshop with an abundance of inspired plant palette swatches and recipes, a variety of finished naturally dyed and patterned textiles, as well as an existing garment refreshed with natural color (please bring your own  garment for this portion - 100 percent natural materials - i.e. linen, cotton, silk, or wool will work best); a finished Sashiko design project; one mended garment (please bring your own garment for this portion - denim is wonderful - along with a corresponding patch); printed instruction booklets; various tools and materials; multiple references and resources; and the confidence to continue this work beyond the classroom


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Image by Aya Brackett from "Natural Color" 

Image by Aya Brackett from "Natural Color"