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Image by Aya Brackett from  Natural Color  (Watson-Guptill/ Ten Speed Press 2016)

Image by Aya Brackett from Natural Color (Watson-Guptill/ Ten Speed Press 2016)

Seasonal Color Workshop with Sasha Duerr and New England Farm to Fiber

Presented by The Trustees

The KITCHEN is pleased to present a hands-on Seasonal Color Workshop in partnership with Sasha Duerr and New England Farm to Fiber. Join us to learn about the local and biodiverse color palette while experimenting with the seasonal plants and colors of New England, tasting winter offerings from the Boston Public Market, and making a vibrant collection of your own inspired seasonally dyed swatches and textiles. 

From the bi-products of your kitchen garden, farmer’s market, or even prunings found in your very own backyard or urban sidewalk, we'll curate a truly unique and authentic color palette from locally grown plant-based sources showcasing the nuances and terroir of natural color. We will learn and be inspired by the colors that can be made from green waste, food waste, and weeds throughout the year, while discussing tending to ecologies through color, nature's role in authentic color stories, and natural color as a key component to the slow fashion and textile movement. 


Cooking with color as a class, Sasha will draw from accessible recipes in her latest book Natural Color and encourage fresh techniques and inspiring ways of working and designing with plant based palettes. We'll make vibrant seasonal color recipes from scratch- and delve into helpful ingredients, materials and techniques. We will also play with surface and color design for our naturally made dye baths. Each participant will take home a saturated variety of local color and samples, as well as a variety of larger patterned textiles that speaks of our own uniquely made winter color story. 

Seasonal Color Workshop
THE KITCHEN at the Boston Public Market
100 Hanover Street, Boston
Saturday, February 9
9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Costs: General tickets (non-members) are $175 and Trustees Member tickets are $140. All materials are included. This class is limited to 20 students. 

About New England Farm to Fiber

New England Farm to Fiber is an all natural farm fiber company based in the Boston Public Market. We support and promote small family fiber farms throughout New England with an emphasis on breed specific yarns. 

About The Trustees and The KITCHEN

As one of the largest owners of agricultural land and the premier steward of the cultural and natural landscape of Massachusetts, The Trustees extends its leadership to transform the local food system by connecting residents and visitors back to the land and sharing the Commonwealth’s collective agrarian heritage through innovative retail and educational experiences at the Boston Public Market in the heart of downtown Boston.

The KITCHEN is a community gathering place, managed by The Trustees, that is restoring the craft of seasonal cooking in Massachusetts, New England, and beyond through hands-on classes and educational experiences that celebrate the farmers and artisans of this region. Partnered with the Boston Public Market, The KITCHEN embraces a whole-food approach to eating and promotes cooking as an essential cornerstone of a sustainable food system.

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